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New book: Microplastics removal and wastewater recycling with membrane & ozone technology

Authors: Milenko Roš, Jolanda Rihter Pikl, Hakim El Khiar, Nataša Uranjek

Category: Environmental Studies, Biology

In addition to removing degradable organic matter from wastewater, increasing attention is being paid to removing microplastics and the reuse of treated wastewater. For the reused water, wastewater must first be biologically treated, removed suspended solids, and disinfected.

The book aims to show the basic principles of classical filtration, modern methods of membrane filtration and disinfection. Special attention is paid to membrane filtration with ceramic filters and disinfection by ozonation.

The system for additional purified water treatment from a functioning municipal biological treatment plant is described, supported by actual data.

Such a system is adequate for further water treatment from the treatment plant and drinking water preparation. With such a system, all microplastic particles, total coliform bacteria and Escherichia coliare removed. Ceramic filters are more effective and less problematic than polymer ones, both membranes clogging and more aggressive wastewater.

However, identifying microplastics is relatively tricky (expensive equipment, sample preparation, trained analysts). We show a simpler and more efficient system for microplastics identification.

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