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You are kindly invited to be a member of the Slovenian Association for Water Protection.

The Slovenian Association for Water Protection (SDZV) is an independent and non-profit association, with a mission to develop awareness of the importance of water protection and share our knowledge. With our loyal individual and corporate members, we join the knowledge, will and energy to protect our waters.

SDZV Membership Benefit

Our members are promptly informed about the latest news from IWA, EWA, DWA and other water connected information. Discount on SDZV event fees. By joining, we become stronger and create a united front to ensure that pressing environmental issues are addressed.

How you can join?

  1. Fulfil the web application form
  2. After the receipt for you application form, you will receive an invoice to pay the membership fee. The membership fee is valid for the year of payment (from 1.1 till 31.12).

Membership for the year 2022:

10,00 € membership for individual members (student and retired persons)

25,00 € membership for individual members (employed)

125,00 € membership for corporate members (companies with 1-10 employees)

315,00 € membership for corporate members (companies with 11-250 employees)

440,00 € membership for corporate members (companies with more than 251 employees)