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The Slovenian Association for Water Protection (SDZV) was founded in 1991 as a voluntary, independent and non-profit association. Its primary purpose is to develop awareness for the importance of water protection.

The association is a recognised and active partner for local communities and the state in the field of water protection. Its advantage is interdisciplinary knowledge, linking different sciences and objectivity of opinions.

The Association operates in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and is connected with related societies and associations at home and abroad. It is a member of the International Water Association (IWA), the European Water Association (EWA) and German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA).


In the Association, we are striving for management improvement
and for more effective protection of waters and water bodies.


The association’s mission is to develop awareness of the importance of water protection. Its main tasks are monitoring, study and acting on the field of protection and exploitation of water, drinking water supply, and wastewater treatment. Our task is also to inform and educate professionals, scientists, and other public bodies, which we carry out through lectures, professional meetings, organization of workshops and publications.

In the Association, we support the regular exchange of experiences among experts from international associations, which is also realized through the organization of excursions and courses. In the same time, we provide support to activities that represent current statuses and achievements in the field of water protection.


  • We insist on adhering to our vision, mission and tasks.
  • We create conditions for the synergy of knowledge and the experience of members of the Association.
  • We accompany and receive opinions correctly impartially and objectively.
  • For the current problems, we act decisively and with unified opinions.
  • We promptly react to current problems.
  • We work with universities and other educational institutions.
  • We with experts and legislative bodies.
  • We defend our belief system.

Basic Values

    We are committed to our mission and work.
    Despite obstacles, we insist on our behaviour and attitudes.
    In our actions, we use interdisciplinary knowledge.
    We are ready to act as soon as we detect environmental problems.
    We are correct and impartial in our opinions and decisions.
    We establish and strengthen relations with other related societies and the media.