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Dear Sir or Madam,

Marking its 25th anniversary this year, the 2019 Water Days Symposium is of special importance to its organisers and participants. By organising the symposium, the Slovenian Association for Water Protection (SDZV) has been bringing together numerous experts for a quarter of a century now. Each year their presentations and active participation contributed to the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of water management. Thus water has been successfully connecting the expert community for 25 years. The main focus of this year’s symposium will be the progress of Slovenia in water management over the last 25 years, and the role Slovenian experts will play in water management development in the future.

The Symposium will be divided into five sections where discussions will be held on technological advancement in water management, water resources management vision, drinking water preparation and wastewater cleaning processes, and on the importance and impact of human action on the environment as reflected in the changed conditions in water bodies. The field that has seen the most progress in recent years has been IT, a field that also plays a key role in water management, and the role of which is becoming more important every day, as we are entering an age of the fast exchange of information, which in turn demands making quick informed decisions.

Water management in Slovenia will also be the main topic at the interactive round table at the “World café about water”, which will provide an opportunity to ponder the future of water in a pleasant and creative environment through a collaborative dialogue. Human impact on the environment is still too big despite the awareness that this is unacceptable. Do we have the right solutions at the ready to adapt the ever-growing human needs to the limits in natural resources, including water resources, in time? Wishing for Slovenia to become a country with a clear vision of implementing the best technological solutions that would also be economically viable as a whole and in the long term, I invite you to co-create this vision together with us.

Come to the Symposium and help us direct the future flow of water.

Slovenian Association for Water Protection
Marjetka Levstek, PhD