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“Accelerating Change through Partnerships and Cooperation”

Every year in springtime when new life springs up, Nature shows us its power and grandeur. There are different kinds of symbiosis being born in many an ecosystem bringing important benefits to a variety of living organisms. Are we capable of establishing such connections in modern society? Are we even aware of our interdependencies when it comes to adapting to climate change and finding solutions for pressing environmental challenges? Nature has been our best teacher for thousands of years and we should follow her good example.

At this year’s edition of Water Days, taking place on May 24 and 25, we would like to accelerate change in all areas of water management in cooperation with various stakeholders. By strengthening partnerships and cooperation we shall contribute more responsibly to a better protection and conservation of our waters.

It has been emphasized many times that, aside from policy-makers, experts and the civil society must be included at the right time in the processes of water management in connection with the planned environmental projects. This can save time and money in amounts that are hardly negligible. To this end we should keep broadening the knowledge and raising awareness of all stakeholders involved. This year’s Water Days Symposium gives us an opportunity to raise this awareness and make management of water environments in Slovenia even more successful.

For this reason, we have invited not only experts from the government, but also representatives of local public utility services and the civil society to present their views on tackling current environment chanllenges in water management. The Water Connects Us section is going to provide a reflection on whether we are on the right path to inclusive policies. The Water Resources and Drinking Water section will take a look at plans and responsibilities in providing an adequate drinking water supply, as well as the course of action in case of deviation from the expected scenarios. To minimize the impact on the environment as stipulated in the proposed new EU directive on wastewater treatment, the Wastewater Discharge and Treatment section will focus on cooperation between municipal companies – in charge of proper functioning of technological facilities of sewerage systems, such as drainage and overflow facilities, – and wastewater treatment plant operators. The question why cooperation between policy-makers, implementers, experts and the civil society is so crucial when it comes to managing water and near-water habitats will be at the centre of the concluding section entitled Water in Nature.

Cooperation and connection in view of accelerating change will also be the main topic of our traditional “WATER” CAFÉ.


Join us and be the change. Together we can be stronger and achieve more.


2023 Water Days Programme Committee