Dear Sir or Madam,

This year’s edition of Water Days Symposium is going to focus on the hidden world of water, which will not be limited to the invisible parts of the water cycle, within which water is in constant motion on our blue planet, but will also include some not yet well-researched phenomena in different water habitats, lesser known consequences of water use and the impact of human activities on water, as well as lesser known solutions for protecting water quality and quantity. We want to see what conclusions can be taken from new analyses of data gathered in water-related monitoring and research in order to translate them to useful and efficient tools for water management. For those who are armed with the necessary information are also in possession of the argumentation that enables them to make the hidden, unknown and ignored visible, comprehensible and above all, wisely implemented.

The main topic Water – making the invisible visible will allow for a look at water from the different perspectives of various natural and human sciences to uncover hidden challenges, opportunities and solutions associated with water.

You are cordially invited to attend the Water Days Symposium on 13 and 14 October 2022 at Rimske Toplice in person or online. Together we can make the invisible visible.


2022 Water Days Programme Committee