Invitation to submit abstracts for an international symposium

2019 Water Days

Connected to water for 25 years


You are cordially invited to submit abstracts for the 2019 Water Days Symposium to be held in the Bernardin Congress Centre in Portorož on 17 and 18 October this year. This year’s meeting has special importance for the Slovenian Association for Water Protection, since the symposium will be organised for the 25th year. At the event, which will be held under the slogan Connected to water for 25 years, the participants will critically review water management in Slovenia during the last 25 years and take a responsible view into the future.

Awareness of the importance of environmental protection and water as a natural resource is growing together with the development of Slovenian statehood. There is no doubt that a lot has been achieved in the field of water protection and this symposium will provide an opportunity to present all these achievements. The symposium time machine will take us through this lengthy period of Slovenian waters protection.

2019 Water Days topics:

  • Water management

  • Water-related legislation

  • Water needs in the future – the connection between water and food, energy and ecosystems

  • Pollution of waters and preservation of water and riparian ecosystems

  • Drinking water supply and water resources

  • Discharge and treatment of waste water

  • Water, raising awareness and knowledge

  • Green infrastructure and sustainable water management solutions

  • Water in urban and rural areas

  • Water and quality of living environment

  • Water – at what cost?

  • Waste water and circular economy

  • Efficient energy consumption and use of renewable sources of energy

  • Sustainable development, environmental infrastructure investments and environmentally friendly technologies

  • Comprehensive water management and adapting to climate change

  • Water as a factor of peace and stability

The abstract should contain:

  • title in Slovenian and English,

  • name, surname, title and the organization of the author(s), e-mail and contact number of the main author,

  • keywords,

  • a brief abstract – maximum 1,500 characters without spaces.

Please send the abstracts to the following e-mail: by 1 April 2019.

The applicants will be informed about the selection by 24 May 2019. The chosen authors will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare the final version of their paper and on its presentation at the symposium. The final date for the submission of the paper to be published in the Symposium Proceedings is 1 August 2019.

The 2019 Water Days Symposium will review the accomplished work and lay foundations for the next 25 years of development. Become a part of this development. You are cordially invited to submit your abstracts.

Ljubljana, 12 February 2019                                                             2019 Water Days Programme Committee