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The Slovenian Association for Water Protection this year also organizes Water Days Symposium with international participation. Traditional meeting of experts, who are dealing with Slovenian water protection problematic, will be held on 18th – 19th October in Portorož at the Convention centre in Bernardin. The central theme of Symposium is The impact on water and advanced solutions. At this symposium, we would like to present the conditions of the water in the Slovenian region; from the technical, natural, communal, as well as the social aspects. The symposium will explore the best solutions from practice that effectively reduce impacts on the water environment; while at the same time taking into account the efficient use of energy. Sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly investments into the environmental infrastructure will also be discussed.

Two-day symposium will offer the opportunity to exchange expert opinions, positions and experience and is unique opportunity for presentation of companies that on one or another manner works at the field of water economy. Different presentation options are prepared and we invite you to take advantage and during symposium present your company to wider audience of experts.